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America’s Opioid Crisis Facts

Opioids: this word alone can cause many negative sentiments to arise in people because of the devastating effects that the improper prescribing of these harmful substances can cause. According to an article in The New York Times, this August President Trump officially acknowledged the opioid epidemic as a national emergency.

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When Surgery Becomes a Nightmare

Imagine this: you go in to have surgery, and the surgery for your original problem goes fine; however, you come out of the surgery with an entirely new issue. Unfortunately, doctors make mistakes and there is a possibility for a medical mistake to lead to a completely different set of problems for a patient. These problems could range from being minor and treatable at home to something more serious that results in a serious medical condition or requires another surgery or ultimately, leads to that patient’s immediate death.

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child abuse

Some States Stop Blaming the Student for Sexual Abuse

One of the biggest problems plaguing Florida schools is that many school districts continue to lay the blame for sexual abuse on the victims when they are sued. While this continues to be a problem in other states as well, courts in eight states so far have barred legal defenses from attempting to put the blame for sexual abuse entirely or even partly on victims.

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Florida Nursing Home Generator Rule Appeal

The controversy surrounding the loss of power in a nursing home during Hurricane Irma, which resulted in eight deaths within three days and an additional four deaths in the following days, resulted in Governor Rick Scott issuing an order to assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities to install emergency generators. However, there is general confusion as to whether this rule is to take effect.

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Head Injuries & College Football programs

There has been a lot of controversy within the game of football over the past few months, but one of the biggest ongoing controversies has been in regards to the potential dangers of the sport; more specifically, the cause of concussions and long-term brain damage in players

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