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    Slip & Fall Case Survey Results

    Slip & Fall warning with a man mopping up a wet floor.

    Results: VERDICT  RESULTS SLIP AND FALL On the case of the wet floor sign, slip and fall, with the numerous witness and party testimonies about the sign, the verdict was split 50/50 as to the negligence of the convenience store. These are the kinds of cases that typically settle because the verdict could go either […]

    Medical Malpractice Case

    Who is at Fault and Comparative Negligence In Florida, defendants can share in liability for an injury. This case involves a person who went to the hospital for a total knee replacement in the left knee but incorrectly had a right implant placed in the left knee. The person had numerous surgeries to repair the […]

    Repeal of Florida’s Free Kill Law Conditioned on Damage Caps

    Repeal of Florida’s Free Kill Law Conditioned on Damage Caps The  Florida Senate Judiciary Committee conditioned the repeal of an admittedly bad law, the Free Kill law,  upon requiring every citizen in the State of Florida to give up their right to full compensation for damages and holding doctors responsible in medical malpractice cases. The […]

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