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As a parent or guardian, few experiences are more frightening than seeing your child get injured. The truth is, because of the emotions involved, legal cases regarding child injuries are difficult for everyone.

Auto accidents and slip and falls are the leading cause of injury for both adults and children, but many child injuries are unique to them. An experienced children’s injury attorney brings the personal and legal skills necessary to protect the rights of injured or neglected children in the state of Florida.

We know that nothing creates more anxiety for you as a parent than when your child is seriously hurt

Types of Child Injuries in Stuart & Port St Lucie Florida

When you entrust your child’s well-being to another person or entity, you expect them to properly supervise and care for your child. Unfortunately, injuries do occur, some of them extremely serious:

We know that nothing creates more anxiety for you as a parent than when your child is seriously hurt, particularly if you’re unsure if someone else is to blame. A children’s injury lawyer can help guide you through the process of helping your child recover while protecting their legal rights.

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Children deserve to grow up in a safe environment. Parents, caretakers, and others who are tasked with protecting children must be held accountable when their negligence results in a child’s injuries. 

If your child was injured due to the negligence of someone else, our Stuart FL firm can provide the legal guidance and counsel you need. Our goal is to provide vigorous representation combined with compassionate, understanding service that ensures an injured child receives the medical care and financial support they need to live healthy, productive lives. 

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Like other types of personal injury cases, a child may be entitled to recover damages for pain and suffering, emotional trauma,  rehabilitation, long-term care, disability, future medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life and future lost wages. In some cases, current medical bills will fall under the parent’s responsibility before the child is 18 years of age.

When anybody is injured the first thing to do is seek appropriate medical care. If you believe that the injury was caused by a defective product, unsafe building conditions or a breach of “duty of care” by a medical provider or care giver; an experienced child injury attorney should be contacted right away. The best time to gather and preserve evidence for an injury claim is right after the accident so there is no time to waste!

This will depend on the specific nature of your injuries and cannot be ascertained until your case has been thoroughly investigated. You can ask personal injury attorneys in your area for a rough estimate, based on similar cases that they have handled. However, you should be aware that attorneys are prohibited from promising that they will recover a certain amount or otherwise predicting the outcome of a case. Any estimate that you receive likely will be vague and qualified. An additional question is how much you can actually collect, which may depend on factors such as the insurance of any at-fault parties, their assets, and your own insurance.

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