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Dog Bites

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Dog bites are a traumatic event that can become even scarier after the fact, due to potential infection, likely scarring, complications with healing and the possibility of permanent injury and/or amputations. Dogs can injure people physically in various ways, such as by causing minor injuries such as scratches and bruises to leaving their victim with lacerations, bite marks, and potentially disabling the victim. Also of mention is that it can be emotionally scarring to sustain a dog bite, and this can cause a person to develop a fear of dogs, PTSD, depression, anxiety, and/or numerous other psychological issues. 

Dog Bite Insurance

Typically, if an individual has homeowner’s insurance, then the insurance company will compensate the victim for damages sustained.  Usually, the greater the damages, the greater the reward.  However, in some instances there is no homeowner’s insurance, and in this case, there are some situations where a dog owner can be personally sued due to statutory law in Florida.

What About the Dog?

There are many possible outcomes regarding dogs who have bitten in the past or end up biting someone.  The dogs can be quarantined, the owners can be interviewed, and/or the dogs can even ultimately be destroyed.  Florida Statute 767.12 requires dogs to be classified as dangerous dogs in some cases.

Bitten? We Can Help

GloriaLaw has pursued and resolved many dog bite cases over the years.  There are statutory considerations as well as insurance coverage obstacles that can be navigated with the help of our firm.  If you or a loved one have sustained a dog bite, please call my office for a free consultation today.


The 2017 Florida Statutes РTitle XLV §767.12 DAMAGE BY DOGS; DANGEROUS DOGS


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