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Read summaries of what clients say about our services.

D.H. – October, 2022

I was very happy with the service I received and would recommend her to anyone who needs help. I will send people to her.

L.J. – June, 2022

We want to express our appreciation to your and your staff for your representation and expertise in the lawsuit over my accident. When we were contemplating who to talk to about whether we even had a case, we thought of you as the only professional we would trust to make some sense of the accident, and to offer legal support to us. Thank you for advocating for us over the past two years, and always remaining composed during the stressful times. Now it’s time to begin the next chapter!

Kristine T. – October, 2021

I was very happy with the services I received. Gloria and her team are exremely professional and very caring. Gloria did exactly what she said she was going to do. Not only is Gloria professional and knowledgable, she is a very caring person and a wonderful person. I would definitely recommend her firm. Working with Gloria was a wonderful experience. Her team is top notch. 1000% satisfied with my experience.

Lori T. – June, 2021

Gloria and Nick were very attentive to the needs of our case and were always available to answer any questions or concerns we had. We were very pleased with the outcome and would highly recommend Gloria and her firm! … [they’re] willing to tackle cases that other firms will not. After our case was dropped by a larger law firm who told us our case was not worth the time or effort, Nick and Gloria were willing to listen to the facts and circumstances surrounding our case. They took us on and we will be forever grateful for our settlement and coverage of medical expenses! … The Law Office of Gloria Seidule is an excellent law firm!

Nicole L. – October, 2020

Gloria and Nick took such good care of me. Gloria is smart, beautiful on the inside and outside. Nick is good looking and extremely educated in medical terminology. I would rehire Gloria and Nick. Renai was so nice to work with. She has empathy for every client. I would recommend them. Thank you for all your help!

Warren S. – 2020

Gloria and her staff were exhaustive in their pursuit of the facts in my case, which the organized and presented in a professional and convincing manner. My wife and I highly recommend them if litigation is your purpose.

Gary S. – 2020, Automobile Accident Victim

“I would like to express my appreciation for your assistance with helping to resolve multiple issues related to my car accident from February 10, 2019.

Everyone in your office has consistently exceeded my expectations and addressed my concerns in a very timely manner. I have been impressed by your professionalism and I sincerely appreciate the fact that you understood and empathized with my situation.

The fact that you assisted in negotiating lower rates from healthcare providers made a big difference in the net settlement amount which I received.

I can assure you that in the event I meet someone requiring your services I will refer you to them with the¬†utmost confidence¬†in your ability to assist them with their case.”

Anthony R. – 2019

Very professional. Courteous. Thorough. A pleasure to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended. In my opinion, the best attorney on the Treasure Coast.

Beverly F. – 2019

“Gloria and her staff are¬†very knowledgeable and caring¬†to their clients. ¬†I had a small case but they handled it efficiently and in a timely manner. ¬†I would definitely use this Law Firm again and will recommend her to my friends.”

Frezghi N. – 2019

Frezghi was very happy with the very professional services from The Law Office of Gloria Seidule, finding the experience to be stress-free. Gloria and her staff took care of everything and helped Frezghi understand the complicated process, and will definitely re-hire the firm in the future, stating that Law Office of Gloria Seidule updates clients on important information and they take care of the nitty-gritty so you can focus on your life.

Sarah R. – 2019

Gloria establishes a rapport with her clients — i.e. she¬†listens well and communicates effectively¬†and efficiently. She provides feedback in a timely manner,¬†explains facts and perspectives of insurance, legal and health systems¬†involved. She has “empathy” and is a¬†true advocate for her client’s rights. Both Gloria and her staff have proven to be¬†professional, efficient and highly ethical.

Donna M. – 2019

Gloria and her staff worked 110% on my case. She was professional, detailed and very honest through the whole process.

Donna A. – 2018, Automobile Accident Victim

I hired Ms. Seidule in 2015 for a¬†motor vehicle accident¬†which resulted in¬†spinal injuries. Her attention to detail and compassion for my injuries were¬†above my expectations. She worked in a¬†professional and timely manner¬†to get my case processed. And even though I know she had cases much larger and more complex than mine to handle, I was always¬†treated like my case was the most important one on her desk.¬†So much so, that when I was hit from behind again two years later I knew just who to call to represent me again. My second case was just as important to her, and again¬†I cannot say enough about the care and attention given to me by Ms Seidule and her top notch staff. I believe Gloria to be an¬†outstanding and ethical attorney. ¬†And I trust her enough to recommend her to my personal friends, and family. ¬†She’s simply¬†the best personal injury attorney!¬†I am forever grateful to her.

Teresa L. – 2018

I’ve had Gloria and her staff represent me in a few cases, they were very knowledgeable and experienced.  I would highly recommend her, as their very compassionate and always quick to respond to any of your questions and concerns.

Anthony R. – 2018

Very professional. Courteous. Thorough. A pleasure to deal with. Extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended. In my opinion, the best attorney on the Treasure Coast.

Valerie – 2018

Valerie was¬†“very happy”¬†with the Law Office of Gloria Seidule, finding us¬†“very nice and cordial. I always get a call back the same day. Gloria is so professional and caring. Renai is always on top of everything. And very organized.”
This is the second time Valerie had a lawsuit handled by The Law Office of Gloria Seidule, and she says¬†“we won both cases and got near what we asked for. Bravo. I have already recommended the Law Office of Gloria Seidule to others.”

Alessandra – 2018

Alessandra was¬†“absolutely”¬†happy with the services provided by the Law Office of Gloria Seidule. She went on to say,¬†“I appreciate Gloria’s perfect blend of optimism and realism. She explained the worst and best case scenarios and her and her team worked hard to get us the best case scenario. We are very grateful.”

Dan – 2017, Automobile Accident Victim

Dan wrote he was 100% happy with the services from the Law Office of Gloria Seidule. He stated what he liked about GloriaLaw was ‚Äútrust‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúBeing up front with all information. Always felt liked she was looking out for my best interest‚ÄĚ. He would ‚Äú100%‚ÄĚ re-hire GloriaLaw and would ‚Äúalways‚ÄĚ recommend the firm.

Bert Mautz

‚ÄúAccessible, responsive and knowledgeable, Gloria Seidule will forever have my appreciation and admiration.‚ÄĚ Bert Mautz has great things to say about Gloria. Call to see how she can help you in your personal injury or medical malpractice case today!


Great Attorney I highly recommend her to family and friends
Gloria is a very knowledgeable attorney. Exceptional,¬†Outstanding, superb, just a few words to describe her. I have used her twice for two different cases, and her¬†professionalism is second to none. She was able to settle both cases and received a great settlement for both. It wasn’t easy, but she is very¬†patient and understanding.¬†Her clients are her priority. Besides being a¬†great attorney¬†she is also a great person and will fight to always make sure you are happy and satisfied.
What else can I say about Gloria Seidule? Well I am sure she’ll be my attorney next time I need one, you should do the same.

Robin – 2015, Automobile Accident Victim

Responsive and got results from the insurance company
After calling Ms. Seidule after my accident, I felt confident to have my case with her and the staff. She handled all the insurance calls, explained my medical reports and advised me about the recovery process. When it was time for court she made me feel confident and the end results were more that I could have imagined to help me with future surgeries. Anytime you need a lawyer who is committed to her clients. Call Gloria Seidule
Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.
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