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Why Do I Need an Auto Accident Lawyer in Port St. Lucie

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You need an auto accident lawyer if you, or someone you know, has been injured in an auto accident. Because your case involved personal injuries, a more detailed analysis is required. Of course, if the injures are minor and you can fully recover from them in just a few days, you probably do not need an attorney. In this case, you would want to educate yourself and deal with the insurance adjuster on your own.

However, if your case involves major injuries, you will most likely benefit from hiring an attorney. Trying to negotiate on your own could be damaging to your case, and could result in getting you far less than you deserve.

Why Do You Need an Auto Accident Lawyer?

Specifically, you need an accident attorney in Port St. Lucie because he or she will be able to negotiate with the insurance carrier to ensure that your settlement includes reimbursement for car repairs, medical bills, lost wages from any time you spend away from work, and even household expenses. Without an attorney, you may not be able to expect any of this. You could be expected to pay for all of this out of pocket, with no reimbursement at all.

Without an Auto Accident Lawyer

Without an attorney, you may not receive fair treatment. Sometimes insurance adjusters will tell you that hiring a Auto Accident Lawyer will reduce your settlement payout or delay your claim. This is not true. In fact, the insurance industry did their own study a few years ago and found that this was not the case. Their study showed that those who retained an attorney actually received three and a half times more money in their settlements than those who did not retain an attorney, and went it alone.

So, if you have been injured in an accident and wish to win a fair settlement for your injuries, you need to seek out an experienced auto accident lawyer Port St. Lucie as soon as possible.

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