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When to hire a lawyer in Stuart FL | Port St Lucie FL

when to hire a lawyer

Law Office of Gloria Seidule, Tips on when you need to hire a lawyer in Stuart or Port St. Lucie. Call Gloria Seidule when in need of a personal injury lawyer.Lawyers work to bring change, improvements, and fairness to their clients. And although you don’t need to hire an attorney for every situation, these are some circumstances in which you’ll definitely want one at your side.

  • Feel You Need Help with Contracts and Other Legal Paperwork? Each of us has a different comfort level. Go with your gut and a lawyer if you feel that you may be in over your head.
  • Jail Is a Possibility – If you’re charged with a crime like tax fraud or domestic violence where it’s possible you will go to jail, hire a lawyer.
  • You Could Lose a Lot of Money – facing a lawsuit that could prove costly? Hire a lawyer.
  • Level the Playing Field – if your opponent has legal representation, hire a lawyer.
  • Bodily Injury Is Involved – if you’ve been in an auto accident or any other accident or situation that resulted in bodily injury (even if it appears minor), hire a lawyer.
  • You’re Facing a Complicated Divorce – Disagreements over assets or children are just two of the sticky situations that can make a divorce a potential minefield. Hire a lawyer.
  • You Were Chosen to Administer An Estate After Someone Passed Away – many estates have minor complications that can become major if not handled properly. Hire a lawyer.
  • You need to do Comprehensive Estate Planning – pretty self-explanatory. Many simple wills can be done by an individual, but if things are more complicated, hire a lawyer.
  • Adoption – a lawyer will assure things are done right if you’re adopting a child.
  • You’ll be Signing a Contract – don’t do it until a lawyer has approved the document.
  • Complex Business Matters – taxes, patents, litigation – if it involves your business, you probably need to hire a lawyer.

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Stuart FL, or Port St Lucie, FL , call the law office of Gloria Seidule at 772-287-1220 for a free consultation.

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