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What Services are Provided by Your Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?


In collisions between automobiles and motorcycles, the motorcyclist will sustain greater injuries. Drivers and passengers have the metal of the vehicle to protect them, but motorcycle riders only have their clothing. Because the injuries can be so serious and can require a long time to recover, a motorcyclist injured in a collision will need a large sum of money for daily living expenses and medical treatment. However, an insurance company’s agents often act in bad faith when considering a motorcycle injury claim.

When Insurance Companies Act in Bad Faith

An insurance company is “acting in bad faith” when the agents refuse to pay your claim in a timely manner. According to the law, insurance companies must settle their claims within a reasonable amount of time, but they do not always do this. Sometimes, they deny your claim without having a good reason.

If your insurance company is acting in bad faith, you have the option of hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. A motorcycle injury lawyer can offer you an immense amount of help at a time when life is extremely difficult for you. The attorney that you hire will remain by your side from the very beginning of the legal process until the end. He or she will negotiate with the insurance company for you so that you can concentrate on healing.

Assessing Your Injuries

Motorcycle accident lawyers like the Law Office of Gloria Seidule are very knowledgeable about motorcycle injuries. They understand that it can take a long time before you are able to return to your old routine. In some instances, people need to adjust their lives to new circumstances. For example, some riders must have their houses retrofitted to accommodate a wheelchair. They also may need to purchase new vehicles that allow for operation with the hands. Motorcycle lawyers are skilled at assessing their clients’ current conditions as well as their future needs to ensure that they receive the largest settlement possible to cover their current and future costs.

Assessing Your Case in Port St. Lucie

The first thing your lawyer will need to do is assess the value and credibility of your case. In order to do this, your motorcycle injury lawyer will fully investigate your accident. If you were hit by the driver of a vehicle, your lawyer will work diligently to demonstrate to the insurance company or the court that the other vehicle was at fault in the collision. Then, he or she will seek to maximize the compensation you receive.

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