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What is a Hijab?

what is a hijab

How Can Women Be Told What to Wear?

Imagine, in America, a woman being told that she has to cover her head with a scarf to go out in public. As a woman lawyer in America, I cannot imagine this happening. However, according to an article in TCPalm on July 20, 2019 women in Tehran, Iran can be arrested, placed in solitary confinement and family members threatened if they protest compulsory headscarves. A woman lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh who represented female protesters was sentenced to 381/2 years in prison for representing women who were brave enough to protest this treatment. I am trying to figure out the closest thing to this type of discrimination we have in the United States, and I come up with:

  • abortion laws,
  • a United States Supreme Court Justice who is accused of sexual battery,
  • a President who is accused of sexually harassing and abusing multiple women,
  • a champion World Cup Woman’s Soccer Team who receive less pay than their male counterparts,
  • disparity in pay for women,
  • need I go on?

Ladies, don’t be complacent. Otherwise, you could end up being told you can’t wear leggings in public. No joke.

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