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Using social media can harm your case, say Fort Pierce personal injury attorneys

Social media is continuing to explode around the U.S. and the world, impacting our daily lives and many personal injury lawyers in Fort Pierce are warning their clients against using social media while developing or trying their personal injury case. It is a fact that defense attorneys and insurance companies these days will look for any angle they can swing to discredit legitimate personal injury cases.

They will look for any evidence that can be used to damage the claimant’s credibility and make personal injury victims look bad. It’s common these days that defense attorneys and insurance companies try to obtain information from social media accounts in order to attack and discredit your case and your credibility as a plaintiff.

Social media accounts can be misinterpreted

Posts and photos from social media accounts can be used as information in cross-examinations in order to try and poke holes into plaintiff’s stories and cast doubt on their versions of events at trial. This can happen even though the plaintiff is being honest about the impact that the accident has had on their life.

These posts and pictures can all too easily be taken out of context by insurance companies and defense attorneys and, as a result, misunderstood by the jury. This can result in serious damage to your personal injury case. It’s because of this that many personal injury lawyers advise against using social media while involved in a personal injury case.

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