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Teen age driving tips for parents Stuart & Port St Lucie

teenage driving tips for parents

If your teenager is reaching the age where they are going to begin learning how to drive, then you’ll want to make sure that you do everything you can to help teach them to drive well and to drive safely. The following are a few driving tips for parents with teenagers who are just starting to drive in the Stuart and Port St. Lucie areas of Florida:

  • Start with small trips – Getting behind the wheel for the first time can be overwhelming. Ease your teenager into feeling comfortable behind the wheel by starting out with short trips that are less than five miles long, like drives to the grocery store or to a nearby family member’s home.
  • Get an easy-to-handle car – The best way to make sure your teenager gets the hang of driving is by having a car that’s easy to handle and to use. This means that you should avoid buying your teenager a manual sports car as their first vehicle.
  • Go over how to drive safely – Always instruct them to check the position of their mirrors, to make sure everyone in the car has their seatbelts on, to check their blind spots and to follow all the rules of the road. Don’t forget to discourage the use of their smartphone at any point while behind the wheel unless they are safely parked and the engine is off.
  • Provide constructive criticism – Understand that they are going to make mistakes, so be constructive with your criticism but make sure that you’re encouraging as well.
  • Inform your teenage what to do in case of an accident – Teach your teenager the steps that they should take following an accident.
  • Set an example – When you are driving, make sure you set a good example by following all traffic laws and by driving safely.
  • Clearly establish rules and consequences – Establish family rules, such as hours that they can use the car, where they can drive, who they can drive with and more. Let them know what the consequences are for breaking those rules.

These are a few tips for parents who are teaching their teenagers how to drive. If your teenage driver is injured in a car accident, then be sure to contact us at the Law Office of Gloria Seidule in Stuart, FL for a free consultation. Remember, we charge no fees unless there is a recovery.

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