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Sexual Abuse Cases Handled by Gloria Seidule

child abuse

Unfortunately, we live in a world where sexual predators exist without having the proper laws in place to keep them from having relatively easy access to children. There is an expression coined “passing the trash” which is defined as the hiding or nonreporting of sexual misconduct of teachers that allows the offender to essentially move on from his or her wrongdoing as if nothing had happened. Alarmingly, when this happens, the perpetrator is essentially off the hook and free to commit the act again without anyone having knowledge of their past misconduct. If the proper laws were implemented, then this would not be possible and people would at least be aware of a person’s history regarding sexual misconduct with children and their access to children would hopefully be much more limited or nonexistent.

There are multiple avenues for a sexual predator to take. Sexual abuse can take place at any location where children are found and can be easily accessed. Also, sexual abuse has many different forms and can range from verbal comments to full-fledged rape.

Gloria Seidule has handled multiple types of sexual abuse cases over the years, each case with its own unique set of circumstances and outcomes. This experience with many multi-faceted cases coupled with her unwavering passion for helping the injured makes Gloria Seidule prepared to evaluate, undertake, and resolve sexual abuse cases.

For instance, Gloria Seidule has handled the following types of cases:

  • A young girl with a developmental disorder was sexually abused numerous times by another student in the classroom and on the playground during school hours. The perpetrating student had a history of sexual abuse toward disabled students that the school was aware of and chose to ignore with no special plan in place.
  • A young boy, also with a developmental disorder, was sexually abused by the same perpetrating student. A young male student was singled out in the classroom by his teacher as she made comments that she should “get naked” to better teach him. The teacher had a history of using sexual innuendos as “teaching methods”. This student suffered extreme mental anguish and eventually dropped out of school and moved to another city. The teacher remained in the classroom.
  • A five-year-old girl suffered from child on child abuse at a private religious school. The perpetrating child was known to be aggressive and troubled, but the school was short-staffed and failed to properly monitor him, which led to her sexual abuse and an all-too abrupt shattering of her youth. Even further, the victim was subjected to questioning by a police officer without a parent present, which was also psychologically traumatizing and against the school’s quoted policy.
  • A Lieutenant of a youth program fostered an environment of sexual abuse at a camp, which led to a chain of sexual abuse that spread throughout the program. Minor children were raped and/or sexually abused while in the program’s custody. Additionally, the Sheriff of the County where this program was held failed to conduct proper background checks, secure the camp, monitor volunteers, and implement adequate security, which further endangered the children.
  • A coach for a little league organization handpicked children for his group and specifically sought children that he thought he could abuse. The officials of the organization didn’t do anything about the abuse despite several rumors. Eventually the coach was caught, arrested, and convicted.
  • An amusement center for children allowed a group of young boys into their laser tag room where they sexually assaulted, battered and imprisoned a group of young females. As a result of this facility’s failure to use reasonable care to keep children safe, establish reasonable security and warn parents of the lack of security, these girls suffered from severe, ongoing emotional trauma.

Pursuing a sexual abuse case can be a painstaking and challenging endeavor, but when handled by an experienced, tactful attorney, the process is much smoother. After going through a traumatic event, the victim needs to focus on healing and recovering, and Gloria Seidule will ensure that justice is achieved regarding the perpetrator. If you or your child have been a victim of sexual abuse, please call my office for a free consultation.

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