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Port St. Lucie Personal Injury Attorneys are Seeing an Increase in Cell Phone Related Auto Accident Cases

texting while driving

An injury received in an auto accident can have a tremendous impact on someone’s life. Auto accident attorneys in Port St. Lucie help their clients to deal with the aftermath of this deadly phenomenon every day. Cell phones and distracted driving cause auto accidents every day. While some may only be fender benders, others involve grave injury to those involved.

A personal injury lawyer understands the complexities involved in an auto accident caused by a cell phone related case. You will receive advice about the legal as well as insurance involvement in the case. In many instances it is unclear to immediately pinpoint to the driver at fault in the accident and this will only become evident upon closer investigation by authorities.

Many of the auto accidents happening on our nation’s roads are caused by drunk driving, drowsy or fatigued drivers and distracted driving, as well as texting and driving or speaking on your cell phone while driving. Use of a cell phone while driving can cause major auto accidents and cause serious and life changing injuries. It’s been estimated up to 6% of annual auto accidents are caused by drivers using on their cell phones.

If you have been involved in an auto accident because of someone else’s negligence while texting or talking on a phone, you are well advised to seek the council of an auto accident attorney. These attorneys are experienced in all the related laws and legalities and can help you to get the compensation that is due to you.

Don’t let someone else’s negligence affect your quality of life. Contact GloriaLaw for an auto accident attorney in Port St. Lucie and take control of your life today.

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