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Is Running A Red Light Worth The Risk?

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Running a red light may not look like a big deal to many but it is a dangerous traffic violation. In fact, running a red light is the primary cause of road accidents in urban places. Experienced personal injury attorney Gloria Seidule estimates about 1,600,000 people get injured each year when an irresponsible driver runs a red light.

A driver may run a red light for many reasons – “in a hurry” is the most common reason. Some people might be driving under influence or some others may be confident that they can cross the intersection before the light turns red.

Is the risk of a serious accident worth the advantage of getting to your destination a few minutes sooner?

The Serious Consequences

When a driver runs a red light and causes an accident, the vehicle usually smashes into the side of the vehicle that is on the right way. According to personal injury lawyer Port St Lucie, a T-Bone crash sets the driver and passenger of the second vehicle in a huge disadvantage. T-Bone crashes can hit the vehicle to roll over and expel anyone without a seatbelt.

Moreover, red light runners can also cause a chain reaction of crashes in case the initial crash makes other drivers on the road to stop abruptly in order to avoid the accident. Even turning on a red light can involve bicyclists and pedestrians into the accident. 93% of such accidents result in serious injuries requiring urgent medical care and assistance of an experienced auto accident attorney Stuart Fl.

Protect Your Rights

If you have been injured in an accident caused by a driver who has violated the red light rule, you might be entitled to compensation. An auto accident lawyer or personal injury lawyer Stuart Florida can help you obtain reimbursement of medical expenses, wages loss and other costs related to accident.

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