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Driving in or After a Hurricane

hurricane driving

Residents of Stuart, FL and the surrounding areas are pretty familiar with hurricane weather, especially with the recent damage caused by Hurricane Irma. In order to avoid a car accident injury in Stuart, FL, it’s important that you drive extra careful if you absolutely have to drive during a hurricane – and even following a hurricane, when roads may still present a risk to drivers. The following are a few tips for driving in or after a hurricane:

  • Always be aware of your surroundings – One of the biggest risks driving in a hurricane or in the conditions directly following the hurricane isn’t the storm itself or the condition of the roads, but the other drivers that are out there. Pay careful attention to the road and be mindful of any cars your sharing it with.
  • Avoid driving through flowing water – If there’s flowing water going over the road, don’t try to go through it. Even water that’s not that deep, such as six inches of water, could float your car, causing you to lose control and making it difficult to get out if your car ends up stalling. Look out for barricades or temporary signs – Even if the road looks clear and you can’t spot any immediate dangers, do not ignore any barricades or temporary signs that have been put up. They’ve been put there for a reason!
  • Drive slowly – It’s better to be safe than sorry. Speeding is dangerous during hurricane-like weather. Not only can visibility be much lower in the rain, making it difficult to brake or steer out of the way if you’re driving fast, but if the road is covered in water, you could end up hydroplaning and crashing your car.
  • Do not use cruise control – You’ll want to retain complete control of your vehicle in case you need to make sudden adjustments while driving. Cruise control is not a safe feature to use on slippery roads.

The best way to avoid a potential car accident injury in Stuart, FL during a hurricane is to not go out at all. However, if you absolutely have to drive in or after a hurricane, be sure to keep these tips in mind. If you end up getting injured in a car accident, then be sure to contact us at The Law Office of Gloria Seidule by calling us at 772-287-1220 for a free consultation and case evaluation today.

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