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Car Accident Causes in Stuart & Port St. Lucie, FL

airbag exploded at a car accident
Despite ever-improving technology, the U.S. still has six million car accidents yearly. These
include head-on collisions and fender-benders. It is essential to understand the common factors
behind many of these crashes.
  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence
  • Inexperience
  • Fatigue is a sign of fatigue
  • Causes unrelated to driver error

Driver Error is the Most Common Cause of Car accidents.

Two broad categories can be attributed to Florida car accidents. The first category includes driver errors such as distraction, driving under the influence, poor decisions, fatigue, and driving while impaired. The second category includes everything else, even external causes, like a deer crossing the street or brake failure. We’ll be covering this category later.

Distracted driving

Distracted driving is the most common driver error. Distracted driving is anything from talking to or arguing with a passenger to reading roadside signs. In reality, driver distractions are most often caused by the use of smartphones and other devices.

In 2017, one out of four drivers had used a cellphone before they were involved in an accident.  Chicago Tribune According to reports, Sending or reading a text can cause a driver can take their eyes off the road for 5 seconds or more. Plenty of time to have a catastrophic accident resulting in loss of life. 

Why is distraction so common in automobile accidents? The “Myth of Multitasking” is responsible for many decisions we make while driving. This was recently documented in a study by the National Safety Council. Studies have shown that the brain is unable to perform two tasks simultaneously. Instead, the brain engages in “micro-tasking”–handling only one task at a time but toggling back and forth between competing tasks.

The brain cannot process all information, so it chooses to process a portion. How does multitasking impact driving? Driving is a skill that requires us to be able to see the danger and take the necessary steps to avoid it. There is often a tiny margin for error, and the brain is less likely to perceive danger when the driver is distracted.

D.U.I Car Crashes 

The NHTSA has compiled statistics that alcohol is a factor responsible for more than 40% of all car accidents. The decision of a driver to drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle can result in poor decision-making, reduced reaction time, poor vision, and poor decision-making.

Fatigue and Car Accidents

Fatigued drivers pose many of the same dangers as those under the influence. A drowsy driver is likelier to drift asleep and slow down his reaction time to road hazards. A tired or intoxicated driver is more likely than an alert driver to miss a stop sign or traffic signal. 

Poor Decision-Making

Other driver-based decisions can also cause car accidents. A driver’s decision to speed up, tailgate, or make a risky move can cause a crash before they have the chance to correct it. Poor decision-making can also lead to unsafe speeds, especially when considering local conditions such as weather and visibility.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, almost one-third of all crashes in the United States involve speeding. Young drivers are particularly susceptible to speeding. According to the CDC, teens are more likely than adults to speed and are more likely to speed than their female counterparts. The most dangerous drivers have the lowest driving experience and are least prepared to handle high-speed dangers.

Car accidents, Not always the Drivers Fault. 

The road’s physical condition can cause a car accident. Poorly maintained roads can cause wheel traction problems and make it difficult to stop the car in time to avoid hazards.  Weather conditions are the same. Driving conditions can be affected by rain, wind, and poor visibility, and visibility can also be affected by weather conditions like fog, heavy rain, or smoke from fires.

The mechanical performance of your vehicle can also cause accidents. Failure to maintain your
brake system and tires can hinder your ability to stop ahead (or avoid) a danger.

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