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c-section complications

C-Sections can have complications

C-sections are an increasingly popular medical procedure that is often performed when a natural birth is too dangerous for a woman and/or her baby; however, this type of procedure comes with many risks and potential life-threatening complications for both the mother and child. A cesarean birth is when a baby comes out of its mother’s body through surgical incisions made in the mother’s belly through her skin, muscle and uterus. Errors can be made during this type of procedure which can lead to bleeding, internal organ damage, placental problems, uterine tears, torn bowels, nerve damage, blood clots, lung and heart complications, and in more tragic cases, death. The two forms of c-section malpractice are: failure to perform a c-section and performing a c-section incorrectly. For example, if a doctor doesn’t properly identify the signs of fetal distress which make a c-section necessary, such as an irregular heartbeat or a tangled umbilical cord, this could qualify as a medical malpractice claim if the baby sustains injuries. In other situations, such as when a woman is having twins, care providers may not have the skills to offer a natural birth to a woman.

C-Sections are Growing in Numbers

Currently, C-sections make up almost 20% of the births in the United States. Unfortunately, numerous birth injuries and risks occur during this type of delivery, and while some are difficult to prevent, other mistakes are a direct cause of medical slipups and negligence. The number of C-sections that is performed continues to increase daily, and the more frequently this procedure is performed, the higher the chance is for the mistakes of OB/GYN’s to cause injuries to mothers and their children.

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