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Is your auto accident a distracted driving case?

texting while driving

“Distracted driving” has been called “the new drunk driving”. Auto accidents in Fort Pierce have been on an increase and a large percentage of those are due to distracted driving. The car has become a favorite spot to place or receive calls and send text messages – all too often with deadly consequences.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has released the statistic that drivers who use hand-held devices are four times more likely to get into crashes serious enough to injure themselves and cause injury or even death to other drivers and pedestrians. If you use your cell phone while driving, whether hand-held or hands-free, it can delay your reaction as much as having a blood alcohol concentration at the 0.08 percent legal limit.

The 10 most dangerous habits of distracted drivers leading to auto accidents in Fort Pierce:

  • Talking on the phone.
  • Texting and updating social media.
  • Daydreaming.
  • Watching roadside diversions like billboards or other accident scenes.
  • Fiddling with onboard electronics and entertainment.
  • Driving while drowsy.
  • Keeping an eye on or getting distracted by kids.
  • Tending to a pet.
  • Applying makeup or grooming.
  • Eating and drinking.

The Center for Disease Control said that every single day more than 15 people are killed and more than 1,200 people are injured due to distracted driving habits. Many professionals have started using their cars as their office and, for younger drivers, their cars serve as a social hub on wheels. If you have been injured by a negligent distracted driver , you are entitled to full compensation of your injuries, medical bills and pain and suffering, as well as payment for lost time from work.

Start arming yourself for safer driving today and learn more about your rights when involved in a distracted driving accident claim! Contact Attorney Gloria Seidule in Fort Pierce if you need assistance with any auto accident , because we believe that when it comes to accidents, forewarned is forearmed!

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