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Are there too many recalled vehicles in Florida?

When a vehicle has a defect, the manufacturer will issue a recall in order to fix that defect. This ensures that their vehicles aren’t being driven with a defect that could potentially endanger the individuals within the vehicle or those sharing the road with them. Unfortunately, not all recalled vehicles are brought in, especially here in Florida.

Car Recalls Throughout Florida

There has been a worrisome amount of vehicle recalls over the last couple of years. In fact, more than 53 million vehicles were recalled throughout the country in 2016 alone. Many of these vehicles were recalled due to a variety of problems, including issues with airbags, cruise control, ignition switches and more. According to an expert from CARFAX, there are roughly 900,000 vehicles in the Tampa Bay area alone, and out of those, roughly 25 percent have been recalled. Of those recalls, the majority have been minivans and SUVs. One of the problems associated with recalls is that not all vehicles that have been recalled are brought into dealerships for repairs. This leaves many vehicles out on the road that could have potentially dangerous defects. This is a particularly big problem in Florida. Many owners of recalled vehicles who were in accidents involving the defect have stated that they never received notice of the recall. In one particularly troublesome incident, a woman found out she was driving in a rental car that had been recalled twice but had not been repaired. The reason she was driving a rental car was that the vehicle she owned was in the shop as a result of a recall itself.

Checking For Recalls

Make sure that the vehicle you are driving is safe by visiting NHTSA.gov/recalls. There, you can either download the CARFAX app to find out what vehicles have been recalled recently or you can provide your VIN number to find out if your specific vehicle has been recalled. If you are hurt in an accident involving a car that was recalled but that was not repaired, then the Law Office of Gloria Seidule is here to represent you. Our car accident lawyers in the Stuart and Port St. Lucie areas will work tirelessly to get our client the compensation they deserve. To schedule a free consultation with a professional car accident lawyer, call us at 772-287-1220. We do not charge any fees unless there is a recovery.

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