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airline passenger rights

Seats are uncomfortable, fares are high and amenities have basically disappeared – but millions of us travel by air every year because it’s faster and efficient.

What are your Passenger Rights?

What are your current rights after you buy a plane ticket? Amazingly, 92-percent of U.S. air passengers don’t know what they are!

For instance, did you realize that purchasing your ticket directly from the airline or using a third-party website like Travelocity is not the same thing – you need to be sure to check the fine print at the time and place where you buy your seat.

Although many things are your responsibility as a passenger, the airline doesn’t always do the right or best thing for its passengers. 

The top ten complaints involve: 

  • Flight problems (delays, cancellations, bumping, etc.)
  • Baggage (lost, damaged, excessive charges)
  • Reservations, ticketing, and boarding problems
  • Customer service (rudeness, refusal to help you)
  • Refunds (almost impossible to get for any reason)
  • Disability awareness (staff members lack appropriate training and sensitivity)
  • Over sales (selling far too many tickets for a flight)
  • Fares (do any two people on a flight ever pay the same for the identical ticket?)
  • Security (too much or too little)
  • Discrimination (in any form)

Consumers need to have a voice in the way they are treated by the airlines. Where are governmental regulations? Where are the protections we deserve? For information on your rights as an airline passenger, go to Fly Rights.

If you feel your passenger rights have been violated call the Law Office of Gloria Seidule at 772-287-1220 today. Free consultation and case evaluation.


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