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Accident Injury Scarring and Disfigurement Compensation

accident injury scarring and disfigurement compensation

An accident can be the cause of emotional or mental scars, but often it is the cause of physical scarring and disfigurement, as well – a daily reminder of the horrendous experience you’ve had. However, you may be entitled to compensation for the scarring and disfigurement in addition to what you may receive for the other damages. Accidents in which victims suffer permanent disfigurements and scarring include such things as burns, motorcycle accidents, dog bites and attacks and mistakes made by medical professionals, to name just a few. The types of damages a victim can receive for scarring and disfigurement injuries cover a wide range of situations.

For example, you may have one or more reconstructive surgeries or plastic surgeries to treat scars and disfigurement. An injury can include compensation for the surgeries, as well as for missed time from work and other related financial losses.

Past and future medical treatment, lost wages and physical pain and suffering are just a handful of the other effects for which you may be entitled to compensation. Other than scarring, the types of disfigurement caused by personal injury accidents can include amputation of a limb. damage to your eyes and any change in your appearance that could be classified as disfigurement. If you are unsure whether your injury would qualify for compensation for disfigurement, you need to consult an experienced attorney. Even something that seems relatively minor can affect your life in a major way. We’re here to help. Contact me at GloriaLaw.com or at 772-287-1220.

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