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    Auto Accident Police Reports FAQs

    auto accident police reports faqs

    In Florida, you have 10 days to report a car accident to the police. In most cases, the police are called to the accident scene and the responding officers file a report. If the police are not called to the scene, you should file a report with your local police department.

    Though some minor accidents do not require reporting, it’s always a good idea to file one in case you need it for a future claim. Whether you filed a report at the scene or are getting ready to file one, the Law Office of Gloria Seidule is here to answer any questions you may have.

    Here are the two questions we get asked most frequently.

    What are Florida’s reporting requirements?

    Florida’s written statute on car crashes requires anyone who is in a car accident to file a report if the accident causes:

    • $500 or more in property damage to one or both vehicles.
    • Any injuries, complaints of pain or discomfort, or death.
    • One or all of the involved vehicles to be towed from the scene.

    Why is it important to file a car accident police report?

    The law is clear that if the accident is serious enough, the police must be notified. Failure to file a report could result in a non-criminal traffic violation that may require a court appearance.

    Also, even if you don’t believe you suffered any injuries, they could show up later. Your insurance company will require a copy of the police report when you file a claim. It will also be required if you need to file a lawsuit to collect damages.

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