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Case Studies

Spinal Infection Missed by Hospital leading to Paralysis

Sarah (not actual name) hired Gloria Seidule after she became paralyzed while hospitalized for pain in her back.  The nurses ignored her complaints of pain and failed to notify the doctors of her change in condition.  Eventually, her feet started going numb, and the progression of paralysis started without any intervention by hospital staff. By the time a neurosurgeon was notified, she was paralyzed from the waist down.

Gloria Seidule has handled many paralysis cases in her career. The overriding theme in all of these cases is the health care provider’s failure to quickly recognize the initial signs of paralysis, failure to order immediate diagnostic MRI’s and perform emergency surgery.  Often the physicians wait until the paralysis is complete, resulting in loss of bowel and bladder control. This is medical negligence. The proper action is to operate before complete paralysis in order to preserve function.

Sarah’s case was settled prior to trial in a confidential settlement.  The recovery will compensate her for the rest of her life. Although her paralysis cannot be cured, her settlement will assist her in the future.

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