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Case Studies

Podiatrist Fails to Diagnose CRPS – Carpal Regional Pain Syndrome

CRPS is the diagnosis used for pain , usually in a limb, that is unexplained by testing like X-Rays, CT scans, MRI or lab tests. This syndrome was formerly called RSD. It became widely recognized during the Viet Nam war, when soldiers’ legs were impacted by shrapnel but no tests showed damage.

The syndrome has various, clear clinical signs that podiatrists should be able to recognize, such as pain, redness, warmth, lack of use, atrophy and discoloration. In this case , litigated by Gloria Seidule, her client had CRPS, but her podiatrist failed to recognize her symptoms and failed to timely diagnose her condition.

Left untreated, CRPS can become devastating, gradually weakening the limb until it is permanently withered away. Early diagnosis and treatment are absolutely necessary and the Standard of Care for doctors. If a doctor fails to diagnose CRPS early, it probably will not be curable.

Glorialaw hired an expert who reviewed records of her client written by the podiatrist and determined he fell below standard of care by failing to recognize our client’s CRPS. Additionally, from utilizing discovery in litigation, Gloria Seidule successfully proved the podiatrist had altered his records in an attempt to hide his malpractice.

The case settled for policy limits. This recovery compensated Gloria’s Seidule’s client for her devastating, permanent injuries.

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