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Case Studies

Child on Child Sexual Abuse

So many cases investigated and litigated by GloriaLaw reveal that teachers, administrators, police, child protective investigators and adults ignore child on child sexual abuse as “child play”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Sexual acting out on another child is not, nor should it ever be condoned, as “child play”. Sexual activity of children with other children is not acceptable or normal. It is the sign of something deeper and more disturbing going on in the perpetrator’s life. And it usually is sexual abuse or exploitation in the home or school or church or by adults.

Take this case handled by Gloria Seidule. A little 4 year old girl was taken to a church Summer Daycare because it advertised certified teachers, small classes and safety. Unfortunately, quite the opposite was true. No teachers were present on the day the little girl was raped by an older student. There were only 2 “aides” present who were supposed to be supervising 20 kids aged 2-14. While one aid was “potty training” another student, the other aid was trying to watch 19 other kids of various ages when an older boy, who was known by the school to be violent, aggressive and in need of one-on-one supervision, raped the 4 year old girl.

Instead of calling the Abuse Hotline and the parents, the school called the police, who interrogated the child in a room by herself, compounding the damages already inflicted on her by the negligence of the church.

GloriaLaw was able to resolve this case without the necessity of litigation by hiring an expert early on to evaluate the child and her extensive damages. Although the case settled with the funds necessary for a lifetime of care, the child will never be the same. It is the goal of such cases to make sure this never happens again to an innocent child, and to inform parents that you can never be too careful when entrusting your child to an organization that seems to be safe.

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