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Video Series #3 Episode #3 – Drunk Driving Case Study

drunk driving case study

17 year old, Jane Doe was driving down a quiet winding road just after dark. Coming toward her on this two lane road was a drunk driver who crossed the center line right in front of Jane’s car, leaving her no time to react. Her car was literally crushed into her lap. Her airbag exploded into her face and her knee was shattered. Jane Doe was bleeding profusely. A tourniquet had to be applied at the scene and she was airlifted to the nearest trauma unit. She had multiple surgeries to her knee, but now limited range of motion and pain and will require more surgeries in the future. The drunk driver was not injured. His large truck saved his life. He had a previous DUI conviction a few years earlier, meaning this was his second DUI requiring jail and possible prison time. His employer owned the truck and knew this employee had a previous DUI. So the company was not only legally responsible for the actions of the drunk driver, but also for potential punitive damages or punishment damages for entrusting of vehicle to a person with a known prior DUI. After a long battle, the insurance company compensated this girl for her traumatic event that was forever changing her life. She will have all medical expenses both past and future paid for as well as her potential future lost wages due to her knee injury. The legal system compensated her for her losses. Although not all cases are results of the same. I am proud to have been instrumental in helping this girl achieve justice for this horrible, wrong committed by a drunk driver. If you’ve been the victim of a drunk driver, call me – Gloria Seidule – today or visit Gloria law.com. ‍

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