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Coronavirus Update #8 – Self Responsibility

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Hi, I’m Gloria Seidule. I am a lawyer and this is episode eight in my series on the coronavirus. When I represent injured people, a common defense is comparative negligence. This is a legal concept that measures the person’s self responsibility.

If you are not self responsible for your own actions, then you can be held to be comparatively negligent and your recovery is reduced by the percentage of your negligence in causing your own injury. With the coronavirus, I ask you to recognize personal responsibility. This is the patriotic thing to do. Let’s unite as a country and a human race to fight this invisible enemy.

What is self-responsibility in the Covid-19 outbreak? If you are sick, stay home. Don’t go out. Stay away from all people and isolate for two weeks. If you are evacuating a hot zone like New York, self-quarantine for two weeks. This means stay by yourself and do not go out anywhere. If you move in with others, they must be isolated for two weeks, too. Be safe out there. ‍ ‍ ‍

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