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Call Gloria Seidule after your auto accident injury in Stuart

October 20, 2013
If you've sustained an auto accident injury in Stuart, call Gloria Seidule as soon as possible. She works hard to get justice for you.

Personal injury settlement calculator

October 14, 2013
How much can you expect as your personal injury case settlement? Find out what factors are included and how long your case in Fort Pierce will take

Questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in Port St. Lucie

September 30, 2013
If you have been the victim of a personal injury incident, you should read this article before signing a contract with a lawyer in Port St. Lucie.

Jury Awards $1.28 M to Man Injured at Wal-Mart

March 25, 2013
Personal Injury Attorney Gloria Seidule won a $1,287,144 verdict against Wal-Mart in a negligent maintenance and assembly case on February 6, 2013.

Child Abuse Lawyer - Hidden Video Camera Liability

October 9, 2012
Schools to be extremely vigilant in monitoring people who work for them as sexual predators gravitate to places where there are children.

Unnecessary Radiation and Chemotherapy - Medical Malpractice

September 12, 2012
Recently settled case in St. Lucie County where doctor and a radiation oncologist negligently recommended radiation and chemotherapy for a simple stage 1 tumor.

Underage Drinking Parties Liability - Injury Attorney

August 19, 2012
If an underaged drinker causes injury to himself or somebody as a result of consuming alcohol in your home, you can be held liable if you did not take action.

Nurse wrongly discharged for malpractice whistleblowing

August 9, 2012
A nurse at Lawnwood Regional Medical Center was let go for questioning a doctor's unnecessary stent placement.

Penn State Sexual Abuse

July 13, 2012
Sexual abuse cases seek to hold the those responsible who knew or should have known of sexual abuse of children but did nothing to stop the abuse.

Florida PIP Law Changes

June 11, 2012
The PIP Law was changed by the Florida Legislature to largely favor insurance companies at the expense of the injured person. Call for expert representation.

Don't Sign a Personal Injury Release

May 31, 2012
If you suffer a personal injury anywhere at anytime do not sign a release before you speak to the Law Office of Gloria Seidule in Stuart , Florida

Motorized vehicle injury liability

January 27, 2012
If you allow someone to drive a vehicle you own, and they cause an accident, you are liable simply because you own the car and permitted them to use it.

Laser tag Sexual Abuse case settled

November 7, 2011
The sexual abuse of four girls at a laser tag facility settled. Allegations included lack of security, no security videos and no supervision by staff.

Automobile Uninsured Driver Insurance

November 1, 2011
People in Florida are not required by the FL Legislature to carry liability insurance on their car. Purchase uninsured motorist coverage to protect yourself

Auto Accident Settles

June 30, 2011
A driver in Florida ran a stop sign, pulling out in front of another driver causing a serious head-on injury accident. Gloria Law successfully settled the case.

What to Do During and After an Auto Accident

April 29, 2011
Have you been involved in an auto accident but didn't know what to do? Attorney Gloria Seidule offers some tips on how to respond when it happens to you.

MRSA Infection Case Dismissal Reversed by Appellate Court

March 10, 2011
Florida hospital faces a jury in a local woman's lawsuit to determine if its alleged lack of infection control practices caused her MRSA infection.

Auto Accidents & New Seatbelt Law

February 24, 2011
The U.S. Supreme Court established today that automakers can be sued for not properly equipping seatbelts with shoulder straps. Call today for representation.

Medical Malpractice News Update

February 21, 2011
4th District Court MRSA appeal update. Doctors and Staff Miss a Bleeding Spleen Causing Death. Florida Medical Malpractice Attorney.

MRSA Case Update

February 1, 2011
Hospital infections can be prevented and should be prevented by the hospital staff. Let's not accept infections as a risk of hospitalization.
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